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CCTV Systems

At Techhub Engineering, we offer clients our best advice based on their situational needs and let them decide on the choice of solution. Our services range from the setup of entry-level cameras designed for practical daily monitoring to the integration of complex security systems for 360-degree coverage of your location. 


Our scope of work includes:

  • Installation and Maintenance


  • Network CCTV

  • Analog system

  • Remote viewing app Integration

  • Security System Integration​​

access control diagram.JPG

Access Systems

It is no question that security is at the forefront of every property owner's concerns. We provide rounded solutions that cover comfort, ease of usability, and security by partnering up with leading international brands in the field of access control as a distributor and system integrator. Electronic door entry systems use a wireless platform, intercom, or a more sophisticated audio and video feed to let authorized personnel remotely record, monitor, and allow entry.


Our scope of work includes:

  • Door Access

  • Lift Access

  • Video Intercom

  • Alarm system

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